Transmission Parts for Tractor
2 DI Cover Valve Housing 
Transmission Case Cover Fr.
Housing Transmission Case Cover Fr.New
Housing Transmission Case Cover Fr.Old
Oil Pan Cl.Housing
Forward Reverse Speed Gear Box
Strainer Box.
Group of Transmission Parts
Pulley Parts for Tractor
2 DI Fan Drive Pulley
3 DI Fan Drive Pulley
3 DI Main Drive Pulley
4 DI Main Drive Pulley
Group of Fan Drive Pulley's
Intake Manifolds for Tractor
Air Intake Manifold 4 DI
Intake Manifold 295 DI
Manifold Air Intake 
3 DI Arjun Intake Assy.Domestic
3 DI Arjun Intake Assy. Export
3 DI Arjun Intake Manifold Cast Iron 
Assy. 4 DI Arjun Intake Manifold Domestic.
Assy. 4 DI Arjun Intake Manifold Export.
4 DI Arjun Intake Manifold Cast Iron Export
Arjun Intake Manifold Group-Export
Exhaust Manifolds for Tractor
Group of Exhaust Manifolds
Manifold Exhaust 3 DI with stub pipe assly.
Manifold Exhaust 4 DI with stub pipe assly.
Exhaust Manifolds 6520-Export
Arjun Exhaust Manifold 3 DI-405- Export
Group- Gear Box Cover- DURST
P-235 Project Parts for Tractor
Group of P-235 Project Parts 
Exhaust Manifold underhood
Oiling Ring
Pulley Crank Shaft
Intermeadiate Manifold
Pump Mounting Bracket
Automotive Stampings & Assemblies
Pillow Block Steering-Export
Venturi Casting
Thermax Ltd.
Grate Bar Support 730LG
Grate Bar Support 730LG(2% Cr)
Grate Bar Support 822 LG
Grate Bar Support 1010 LG
Grate Bar Support 1422 LG
Grate Bar Support 1580 LG
Grate Bar Support 1120 LG
Fire Door Assly.
Fire Door Assly.
Ash Door Assly.
Ghatge Patil Industries
Floating Plate (65060)
Sliding Sleeve (077)
Manifold Of BEML LTD
6 Cylinder Manifold
SG Iron Casting
Flange Yoke  
Sleeve Yoke  
Arm Steering Control  
Arm Steering Control  
Body Casting DN50  
Body Casting DN40  
Cover Casting- DN25  
Cover Casting- DN25  
Group Photo  
Group Photo  
Body Casting DN50